Welcome To The Home Of Sadie Lady Indoor Hanging Clothes Lines

Dry your clothes on a Sadie Lady Indoor Hanging Clothes line and say goodbye to unsightly Clothes Horse clutter. Go green and save on rising power bills from endless tumble drying.

The Sadie Lady is a complete clothes drying system that combines old fashioned common sense with the high quality materials and manufacturing processes of today.

Ceiling mounted clotheslines are perfect for any home and are a unique way to dry your clothes.

The Sadie Lady ‘ceiling mounted’ clothesline works on a rail and pulley system, drawing on the heat that rises naturally to your ceiling to dry your clothes efficiently and cost-effectively.

The new 5 rack Sadie Lady gives you from 7.5 to 9.0 metres of drying space – ample for a full load of washing.

For optimum drying space and convenience, we recommend the use of our new ball tipped Sadie Lady hooks. These handy hooks save space and are perfect for small articles such as socks, lingerie, etc.

Consider the benefits

Affordable price.

Great savings on rising electricity costs.

Say goodbye to unsightly clothes horses cluttering up your home.

Straight from washing machine to your Sadie Lady Clothes Line, no need to walk outside.

Stop worrying about unexpected rainfalls or inclement weather.

Space saving – When not in use, Sadie Lady pulls up to the ceiling and it is out of the way until next washing day.

Great for townhouses, apartments and large or small homes.

Environmentally friendly.

Easy to install.

Other ways our customers have used their Sadie Lady’s include

Airing last minute washing when vacating holiday homes

Drying towels poolside

Displaying and drying crafts and arts

Hanging decorative plants and pots