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Dry your clothes on a Sadie Lady Indoor Hanging Clothes Line.

Say Good Bye to Clothes Horses.

GO GREEN … and SAVE on rising power bills.

The SADIE LADY is a complete clothes drying system that combines old fashioned common sense with the high quality materials and manufacturing processes of today.

Ceiling mounted clotheslines are perfect for any home and are a unique way to dry your clothes.  The Sadie Lady ‘ceiling mounted’ clothes line works on a rail and pulley system, drawing on the heat that rises naturally to your ceiling to dry your clothes efficiently and cost-effectively.

The new 5 rack Sadie Lady gives you ample drying area for up to 30kgs of laundry.

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  • Affordable price.
  • Great savings on rising electricity costs.
  • Say goodbye to unsightly clothes horses cluttering up your home.
  • Straight from washing machine to your Sadie Lady Clothes Line, no need to walk outside.
  • Stop worrying about unexpected rainfalls or inclement weather.
  • Space saving – When not in use, Sadie Lady pulls up to the ceiling and it is out of the way until next washing day.
  • Great for townhouses, apartments and large or small homes.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to install.